Considerations & Restrictions

Whilst there are benefits to becoming bankrupt, there are also important considerations you must take into account. read more

Bankruptcy Petition

The two main types of bankruptcy petition are; creditor application when someone applies to make you bankrupt; and debtor petition – when you apply for yourself. read more

Bankruptcy Hearing

A district judge considers the bankruptcy petition to decide whether or not to make a bankruptcy order; once the order is made, you are officially bankrupt. read more

Official Receiver & Trustee

An explanation of the roles of the Official Receiver & Trustee in administering a bankruptcy order. read more

Bank Accounts

What is likely to happen to your bank account when made bankrupt; how balances or overdrafts are dealt with and your options to maintain banking facilities. read more

Payments From Income

How much you are likely to be required to make payment towards the bankruptcy; for how long and what this depends on. read more

Debts Not Written Off

Bankruptcy does not clear all debts in all circumstances. You may still be liable for some debts, even after discharge from bankruptcy. read more

Your Assets

When made bankrupt, you surrender all possessions of value, including any interest in your home. Control of everything you own passes to the court. read more

Your Property

If you own (or jointly own) your home, mortgaged or outright, your interest in it forms part of your estate and may have to be sold to go towards paying debts. read more

Your Car

Like any other asset, your car can and will be sold towards paying your debts when you are made bankrupt. However, there are exceptions. read more

Bankruptcy Restriction Orders

If you’ve been blameworthy in contributing to your bankruptcy, or are attempting to hide assets, an application to extended the bankruptcy can be made. read more

Bankruptcy Annulment

In certain circumstances, a bankruptcy order can be reversed or annulled by Court Order. read more

Individual Insolvency Register

If you are made bankrupt – your details will appear in the Individual Insolvency Register. read more

Bankruptcy & Pensions

In bankruptcy you may lose some of your pension capital and have to make payments from pension income towards your debts. read more